Oreo Layer Cake

It’s fitting that my first post is about Megan’s birthday cake, because she’s endured the brunt of my baking ineptitude the last few months. (I once texted her from the grocery store to ask if semisweet and bittersweet were interchangeable.) I’ve also rattled on and on about new recipes I’ve been trying and strange flavor combinations I’ve attempted and she’s been a good friend about letting me babble for an appropriate amount of time and then changing the subject with a subtle flare fit for politics.

I wanted to try a layered cake for the first time and, for Megan, it had to be some form of chocolate. I had the idea for an Oreo cake and went in search of some recipes.

Most of my cooking goes like this: I think up what I can only assume is the most creative culinary innovation since fire. Then I Google said idea with an air of superiority thinking maybe someone out there has done something (only remotely) similar that I can use to guide my recipe. Google then sends back no less than 200,000 search results and I flip through a dozen recipes until I get bored and pick one at random. Most disappointing was when I thought I was the first person to conceive of cornbread waffles. 

 Having zero experience with my 8 inch round baking pan, I baked the first layer with a good dousing of Pam. I paid for this dearly when the cake REFUSED to come out of the pan. I had it upside down as I banged on the bottom with my knife. Thank goodness Rob was in Canada and the dog was sulking and not paying attention to the noise I was making. Some of the cake finally released itself from the pan, but there was a lot left stuck to the bottom. I scraped it off with a spatula and added it to the rest. For the second layer I decided to play by the rules and use butter to grease up every nook and cranny of that pan. To no avail. AGAIN, I had to rip the cake from the pan, kicking and screaming. 

But blessed be the Oreo frosting. It may not have been pretty, but it held that cake together like it was made of Elmer’s. Let’s take a moment to enjoy the two main ingredients in this frosting:

So I used the frosting to humpty-dumpty the cake together. It was looking pretty decent until the next day when some idiot cut from the highway onto the exit lane and slowed to a near-stop RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME before eventually pulling over to the shoulder, sending the cake flying off of the front seat and smearing frosting all over the carrier. 

Happy Birthday, Megan. 

Overall, this Oreo frosting is awesome. I used a cup less powdered sugar than the recipe calls for, but that’s my personal taste. I liked the Oreo cake layer, because what isn’t made better by adding half a package of Oreos, but the chocolate layer lacked a rich chocolate flavor.

I’m taking advice on how to properly remove a cake from a pan!

Chocolate Oreo Cake Oreo Cake Layer from Beantown Baker

Chocolate Cake Layer from  Beantown Baker, who used Ina Garten’s Beatty’s Chocolate Cake

Oreo Frosting from How Sweet It Is

One response

  1. Try buttering and then flouring the pan! And actually when I had a chance to cut a large piece and taste the chocolate layer on its own, I thought it had a decent chocolate taste.

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