The Ice Cream Miracle

I really thought I kicked a little caramel ice cream ass. The caramel itself looked and smelled like Heaven. I followed the directions as closely as I could, though still leaving obvious room for human error. But I have to admit I was very worried when I tasted the batter before putting it in the fridge overnight. It was pretty bad. But it’s raw ice cream batter and my habit of licking every spoon I use while baking is probably one to break. Thanksgiving morning I pulled the batter out of the fridge and loaded up the KitchenAid. It looked perfect–rich and creamy, still in that “soft serve” stage and ready to sit in the freezer until after dinner.

Not so much. It was terrible. So very terrible. I called Rob over to give it a try, knowing that he’s more critical than I usually am but needing a second opinion anyway. He agreed, with gusto, that it was very much not good. I’m pretty sure he made a face to accompany and further amplify his opinion.  Disappointed, I sloshed it into a container and threw it in the freezer, and made a fast batch of whipped cream to compensate.

Why did I put the very bad ice cream in the freezer? I have no idea. Maybe I just couldn’t bear the thought of dumping it. Maybe I was in too much of a rush to deal with it. Maybe I knew that, like a fine wine, this ice cream had the ability to get better with age.

‘Cause it did.

Friday, I took the container from the freezer and admired how nice it looked. I don’t often get to take photos with natural day light because I do most of my cooking at night. But with the day off and nothing to do, I decided I might as well make some pretty photos of my disastrous creation. I filled the bowl with four good scoops, took some pictures, and then sent the ice cream down the drain.

And then I did something I can’t explain. I got a spoon and tried the ice cream still left in the container.

I’m not going to lie and tell you it was amazing, the best caramel ice cream ever, absolutely without rival. But it was better. So much better. Somehow the very bitter after taste had smoothed out a little bit and I found myself dipping the spoon once more into the container, just to be sure. It was an Ice Cream Miracle.

I used David Lebovitz’s recipe and I do think that I followed the directions but I’m sure I messed something up. Most likely I overcooked the caramel. I fully support you trying this recipe and letting me know how to make it delicious.